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The first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

One year ago, on February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Since that day, civilian and military casualties have climbed steadily, homes and businesses destroyed, infrastructure targeted, and life disrupted in ways most of us would find hard to imagine. Our colleagues in the Union of Agrarian Journalists of Ukraine face daily struggles to gather information and keep their audiences informed.

IFAJ marks the sad anniversary of the invasion with support for our Ukrainian friends and colleagues and our wishes for a speedy return to peace.

Below, two IFAJ members from the Union of Agrarian Journalists of Ukraine share news from their homes. Click here for an outstanding essay by Iurii Mykhaylov on the conflict and its impacts on agriculture and trade. Click here for Laryssa Guk’s account of agricultural journalism, farming and trade during the war. Click here to read Iurii Mykhaylov’s personal experience.

« One year later, Kyiv stands»
«Good evening! We are from Ukraine»

The last decade of February 2023 has added a new page to the history of independent Ukraine. On February 20th, President Biden visited Kyiv….
….The media market in Ukraine has changed. Topic №1 is war. Topic № 2 – energy. Topic № 3 – agriculture.

Click here to read the rest of Laryssa’s report.

“In the evening of February 20th, for the first time since October, the street lights were turned on at the Left Bank of Kyiv. This is symbolic. Light is returning to the territory of Ukraine.”

— Laryssa Guk