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Webinars, Webinars, Webinars!

IFAJ will be presenting 3 webinars in the month of May in partnership with the Swedish, Finnish and Argentinian guilds.

“Agricultural Reporting – A Crash Course for Newbies”

In partnership with the Swedish Association of Forestry & Agricultural Journalists

DATE May 7
9:00 GMT 

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Linda Grimstedt, Swedish guild board member and IFAJ executive member, makes a 25-minute pre-recorded presentation on the Swedish guild’s program to introduce non-agricultural reporters to the topic of . . . agriculture!

It’s a great primer for welcoming newbies to the world of agricultural journalism and communications, as well as providing non-agricultural reporters (i.e. with daily newspapers) with insights on how to cover agri-food and farming issues.

Linda will join the webinar to answer questions at the end of the presentation.

“The Beauty & The Beast of Digital Media”

In partnership with the Finnish Association of Agricultural Journalists

DATE May 13
14:00 GMT

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Tuulikki Viilo, journalist with Maaseudun Tulevaisuus (Rural Future in English), and a previous participant in the IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders program, will make a presentation on how digital media is changing the work of agricultural journalists and communicators. She will talk about moving from print to online and new ways of doing the work of an agricultural journalist.

In this presentation, Tuulikki will also examine what kind of factors affect the popularity of agricultural articles published in different digital media platforms. She will ask participants to send in their own samples of successful digitally-published articles to provide ‘fodder’ for the discussion!

Join us for a live, interactive and sure to be interesting presentation and discussion.

“Animal Cloning technology”

DATE May 17
14:00 GMT

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In partnership with the Circulo Argentino de Periodistas Agrarios (Circle of Argentine Agricultural Journalists)

Presented in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English

 Dr. Gabriel Vichera


CoFounder & Director, Kheiron Biotech

Cloning technology is a reproductive process that provides a means of producing foals that are a genetic match to top-performing equine athletes. It is the most precise reproductive process ever developed.

Among others, cloning will give you the possibility to:

  •       Narrow the nature versus nurture equation by already knowing the exact genetic make-up of the resulting foal.
  •       Speed up the embryo production of your top broodmares by cloning your selected best mares.
  •       Produce a stallion that is a genetic twin to an exceptional gelding who otherwise never would have passed along his superior genetic.