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From the presidium

Communicating the achievements of IFAJ
by James Campbell
IFAJ treasurer

Change is all around and the pace of change in communications is a challenge. Our activity as journalists is evolving to a more interactive process. IFAJ communications has to move with the times and with the technology. It is proposed to make more use of social media channels and to put news on the website so that the news distribution is more timely. It is hoped that a system of e-alerts and tweets will draw attention to new items as these go up on the website.  more....

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"Telling the World about Agriculture – a short portrait of the IFAJ" is now available for free to all IFAJ members while supplies last. more...

Annual congress IFAJ 2014

Check out the pictures, made by Chuck Zimmerman, of the IFAJ 2014 congress. The British Guild of Agricultural Journalists hosted the congress in Aberdeen, Scotland. More information on the congress can be found at IFAJ congress 2015 will take place in New Zealand:

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IFAJ welcomes you

The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) is a non-political, professional association for agricultural journalists in 32 countries. IFAJ supports and encourages the practice of agricultural journalism in countries embracing freedom of the press. More about us...

New at IFAJ

Mark Moore of Germany recently attended the IFAJ Congress in Scotland. He said the Congress was really great this year. He was reflecting about the experience on the plane trip home and shared the following reflection via social media about the Congress.

Ten young leaders in agricultural journalism took a look at how agribusiness can implement new technologies and increase on-farm efficiencies to feed an ever increasing global population as well as their role in communicating these advances at this year’s International Federation of Agricultural Journalists boot camp, sponsored by Alltech.

To name the things with their real names it must be said that Ukraine for the time being is in a limited-scale war with Russia. At the moment, Russia is providing massive support to terrorists in weapons and live force (soldiers and officers of the regular Russian Army and Intelligence). In fact according to the International law they are mercenaries. The Russian Army regularly shells Ukrainian troops from the Russian territory.

(19.September 2014)

At the recent IFAJ Congress in Scotland, delegates re-elected each of the four members of the federation’s presidium. The positions were all uncontested.

Ann Hess, the North America field public relations manager for Alltech, shared her perspective on leadership in agricultural journalism and what it takes to be innovative in the field.

Partnership with UN Food and Agricultural Organisation

The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and IFAJ join forces to promote wider global sharing of agricultural information. The partnership aims at enhancing knowledge exchange and content publishing related to global hunger and food security, nutrition, sustainable development and the responsible management of fishery and forestry resources, among other issues. In this presentation you will find what FAO can offer IFAJ journalists.

IFAJ-John Deere Prize for Print

Josef Sedlak of Slovakia is this year’s winner of the IFAJ Star Prize for print journalism. Sedlak’s article ”Food does not come from supermarket shelves” was published in Pravda – Slovak daily.

Young Leaders Award

Ten participants have been selected for this year's IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism award. The award supports the winners’ participation in an IFAJ congress and in an intensive journalistic boot camp-style workshop. This year’s boot camp takes place September 2-3, prior to the IFAJ congress in Scotland.

2014 Photography winners

The overall winner in this year’s IFAJ Star Prize for photo excellence, sponsored by DeLaval, is Cliff Donaldson of Northern Ireland. He won this distinction, as well as the competition’s nature-landscape category, for his photo “Mountain Farm.”