Award winners named in Star Prize for photo excellence

Gunilla Hjalmarson, PR manager Corporate Communications of Delaval International presented the cheque for the overall winner of the photo contest to the executive of The Netherlands, Hans Siemes

Alex de Haan, Netherlands

Award winners have been named in this year’s IFAJ Star Prize for photo excellence, sponsored by DeLaval. This year’s competition drew 99 entries from across the IFAJ membership.

The overall winner is Alex de Haan of The Netherlands, who won this distinction, as well as the competition’s production category, for his photo ”Man with sheep.”

These are this year’s winners:


Winner: Locust plague (Mark Griffin, Australia)

Distinguished recognition: Drainage and poetry (John Eveson, UK)


Winner: Cows in the mist (Alex de Haan, Netherlands)

Distinguished recognition: Develop or not (Linda Wikström, Sweden)

Distinguished recognition: Moving over (Twan Wiermans, Netherlands)


Winner: Man with sheep (Alex de Haan, Netherlands)

Distinguished recognition: Oasis makes super farm possible (Liza Bohlmann, South Africa)

The awards were given at the 2011 International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) Congress awards banquet in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Judges for this year’s competition were Allison Finnamore of Canada, Hugo Lochner of South Africa and Christine McClintic of the USA. The competition coordinator was IFAJ communications committee chair Charl van Rooyen of South Africa.

Entries are posted on the IFAJ website, , as is further information about the IFAJ Star Prize for photo excellence.

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