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See the world horticultural expo “Floriade” after Sweden

The world horticultural expo, Floriade, and their main sponsor, Rabobank, invite IFAJ Congress  participants  to follow up their time in Sweden with a visit to the expo in The Netherlands. 

Floriade  happens only once in every 10 years. This time, it takes place  near the city of Venlo, a horticultural centre with lots of greenhouses, near the German border.

On Monday, August 20, at 10am, Floriade and Rabobank will welcome the IFAJ-participants on a guided tour.  Register by sending an e-mail to 
globaloffice(at)www.ifaj.orgwith your name  and country. 

You have to arrange the travel and overnight stay yourself. Check out 
www.floriade.comfor a glimpse of what awaits you, and overnight accommodation details, if needed. 

Don’t miss one of the  world’s top destinations in  2012. You have to wait until 2022 to get the next opportunity.


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