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Global Foundation for Agricultural Journalism (GFAJ) Seeks Trustees!

The new Global Foundation for Agricultural Journalism (GFAJ) is seeking nominees for its board of trustees. Seven of the 11 trustees will be members of IFAJ member guilds.

Nominations will open June 1, and voting will be conducted online in late July and early August.

Meetings of the GFAJ board will be held online, so the costs of serving as a trustee should be very low. Click here for a background document describing GFAJ and the call for trustees. Because GFAJ is a registered charity in the UK, members of its board will be subject to British laws governing trustees.

If you or a member of your guild would like to stand for election for a seat on the GFAJ board of trustees, click here for a nomination form. Please share this with colleagues who are members of your guild.

Have you any questions about becoming a GFAJ Trustee, or the election process? Send them either to IFAJ Global Manager Martina Graf, or Treasurer Adrian Bell.

We’ll answer all your questions individually, but also maintain a ‘live feed’ of Q&A on the IFAJ news post about GFAJ elections, so that answers can be shared as widely as possible.