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IFAJ Exposure-4-Development Program To Visit Vietnam and Thailand September 25-October 5

The IFAJ Exposure-4-Development (E-4-D) program is back, offering an opportunity for 12 IFAJ member journalists to visit and learn first-hand about agriculture in Vietnam and Thailand.

Successful applicants, who will be chosen by a jury, will get to experience a trip of a lifetime, which runs from September 25 through October 4, 2024.


Members of IFAJ guilds in good standing may apply  here for a seat on the tour.

Application deadline is July 31, 2024.


“It’s exciting to see the Exposure-4-Development program back up and running, thanks to generous sponsorship by the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and CropLife International,” said Steve Werblow, IFAJ vice-president. “The opportunity to compare the diverse, dynamic agricultural industries in neighboring countries—Vietnam and Thailand—with different economic systems is especially fascinating.”

The program will include explorations of aquaculture and feed milling as well as the production and marketing of rice, fruit, vegetables and seeds, coffee, dairy and more. The group will also explore farmer education and technology transfer programs, and visit universities and local markets.

“The E-4-D committee—Melanie Epp, Niels Damsgaard Hansen and Craig Lester—have been working for months to create an agenda packed with great opportunities for journalists to bring home plenty of stories and build an understanding of the agriculture in Vietnam and Thailand,” Werblow said. “This year’s program will also include a new feature: pre-trip Zoom briefings that will help E-4-D participants hit the ground equipped with background that will help them dive deeper into the visits.”

The U.S. Soybean Export Council is the principal sponsor of the tour. Communications director Kerrey Kerr-Enskat says the Council’s global staff is excited to share insight into the aquaculture industry and the feed supply chain that makes it possible.

“Quality media reporting on global food and agriculture sectors helps ensure accurate information reaches broad audiences,” said Kerrey Kerr-Enskat, Communications Director for the U.S. Soybean Export Council. “We are pleased to support this tour by providing the award-winning members of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists with up-close access to Vietnam’s growing aquaculture industry, which they may not have exposure to otherwise.”

CropLife International is also sponsoring the tour and helping the tour committee connect with great farm and research visits. Virginia Lee, CropLife International’s director of communications, said, “CropLife International champions innovative technologies and methods that enable farmers to sustainably increase productivity. Alongside our members’ R&D investment, and our own policy dialogues, this work also translates into a vast array of exciting, tangible projects and actions across the world and especially in lower-income environments. The partnerships and outreach involved are crucial to their success, and media is an important part of this tapestry of stakeholders. We are incredibly proud to help facilitate the IFAJ’s Exposure-4-Development study tour to Thailand and Vietnam, and to further our conversations around the lives and livelihoods enriched by innovative, sustainable agriculture.”

Participating journalists will be required to pay for their own airfare to arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and depart from Bangkok, Thailand. The fee for participating in the E-4-D tour will be €400. Additional costs of hotels, in-country transportation, transfer from Vietnam to Thailand, and meals will be covered by the sponsorships from U.S. Soybean Export Council and CropLife International.

Application deadline is July 31, 2024. Apply online here.

Learn more about the E-4-D tour program – Click here for a DRAFT AGENDA