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Save the Date: 2022 Global Food Security Index Pre-Release Briefing

Join IFAJ on Monday, September 19 at 14h00 (2:00 pm) GMT for an exclusive embargoed pre-release briefing on the 2022 Global Food Security Index (GFSI) from Economist Impact to learn about the findings from this year’s report, including actions that need to be taken to strengthen the global food system.

The GFSI, released by Economist Impact and sponsored by Corteva Agriscience, evaluates and ranks 113 countries on 68 indicators, including affordability, availability, and quality of their food supply, as well as sustainability and adaptation. This year’s report highlights more insights on agriculture and its impact on food security. Eleven years of GFSI data gives a unique understanding of the obstacles and underlying drivers of food security globally, and is a valuable tool for policy makers, agricultural business leaders, NGOs, and others to make progress towards zero hunger. Economist Impact senior public policy consultant Pratima Singh will be joined by Corteva Agriscience executive vice president – seed business, Tim Glenn to discuss the report.

Please share this amazing opportunity with your members. The briefing will provide key insights on the report and a live Q&A before the paper is released to other media outlets. The information will be embargoed until September 20, so attendees will have preview access to the GFSI report to compose great stories for their audiences.

The presentation will be in English with simultaneous French and Spanish translation.

Last year’s report can be found here.

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