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Serbia faces biggest natural disaster in more than 120 years

by Goran Djakovic, Serbia

Serbia is going through one of the worst floods ever recorded. The situation is unimaginable. Thousands of people are being evacuated, many are still waiting to be rescued.

Police and army patrolling in helicopters are trying to prevent further damage in the town of Obrenovac, south of Belgrade, after the Kolubara river burst its banks and flooded 90 percent of the town.

According to one rescuer in Obrenovac, bodies are floating in the water and rescuers are having trouble evacuating people still trapped in the city.

 “The situation in Obrenovac remains very critical and rescuers have started uncovering dead bodies,” said Predrag Maric, head of the police emergency sector.

Floods are threatening to leave one third of Serbia without electricity. Forecasters expect the Sava River to rise in the coming days due to rainfall upstream in Bosnia and Croatia. A state of emergency has been declared in Bosnia also, after the heaviest flooding in 120 years.

Serbia receives help from abroad but much more is needed. Please publish these appeals to send aid with rescue operations. Ringier Axel Springer`s Blic foundation is running humanitarian activities in Serbia and has open accounts to collect money for the areas greatly impacted. The numbers of the foreign currency account to which assistance can be deposited are:BLIC.

Pictures of the devastation.

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