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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Serbian Association of Agricultural Journalists “Agropress”

By Goran Dakovic

The Serbian Association of Agricultural Journalists, AGROPRESS, recently celebrated the organization’s 10th anniversary. To celebrate, members participated in a tour that began in the Serbian village of Crepaja. The event opened at the modern farm FOTOS (Member of Almex Company) that has more than 300 heifer calves of the Holstein breed.

serbia-10th-1After a farm tour in Crepaja, the anniversary AGROPRESS awards event was held. The President of AGROPRESS, Goran Djakovic, addressed guests by saying that his organization over the past 10 years has hosted more than 100 tours and events, several significant programs and projects, some of which are best known for general public workshops for rural women entitled “Women Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness ” and a food and drinks fair, “Weekend of good taste”. Since 2008, the Association held the National Conference on “Agribusiness Serbia” and possibilities of improving our country’s agriculture, which brings a huge influx of money from exporting products.

On this occasion Dakovic urged the Serbian government to regularly pay the farmers and the work of the Ministry of Agriculture and environment become more transparent. He also said that AGROPRESS organized the Balkan Tour. Twice already, AGROPRESS and its partners have hosted more than 70 journalists from abroad.

On behalf of the Government of Vojvodina Vice-president and Secretary for Agriculture Branislav Bugarski greeted and congratulated the journalists’ on the anniversary as well as the ALMEX Company on their investment in livestock production. He stressed that the Government of Vojvodina is making efforts to support farmers and will do so in the future as well, and he said he recognizes the very important role of agricultural media.

One of the award winners at the event, Ana Veljkovic, Manager of Communications at JTI said: “We support our producers, from the provision of seeds and financing the production, through the care of tobacco in the field, proper training of agro-technical measures, and transportation of harvested tobacco to the factory, it all gives excellent results. It is an honor and pleasure for JTI to provide assistance to farmers in developing tobacco production in Serbia which was recognized by journalists whose trust and recognition can only be gained if you really deserve it. I would like to thank AGROPRESS for this reward and congratulate you on a decade of quality work, dedication and enthusiasm that enhances life and production in the country, and therefore all of our lives in Serbia.”

Milos Prokic, this year’s winner of the “Young Leader of Agribusiness,” is the owner of the company Sljivko Ltd. with headquarters in Donja Satornja. At 19, he started his private business of fruit production in an area of 10 ha. The company is engaged in the production and distribution of healthy food and has 13 permanent employees and 50 seasonal workers.serbia-10th-3

Prokic said, “Today we have an elaborate network of retail associates in which we sell our products, and my brother and business partner Marko provides a great help to the company.”

Additional awards were given to:
ALEMX – Investment in livestock production.

JTI – Contribution to the development of agriculture in Serbia.

KWS, Suad Kumbaric – Investment in plant production.

Julka Toskic, Delta Agrar – The world promotion of agribusiness.

Milos Prokic, Sljivka – Youth leader of agribusiness.

Zivorad Nikolic – Contribution to the promotion of cultural heritage.

Vesna Jovanovic, RTV – Contribution of regional information system.

Dejan Buduci, Agropartner – Development of information on the internet.

Slavisa Dabizljevic, TV show “Otkos” – Journalist of the Year.

Jasmina Nikitovic Stojicic – Contribution to the development of TV journalism in the field of agriculture.

Editorial staff of TV show Domacin – Contribution to the promotion of small farms.

Zivorad Nikolic, RTS – Contribution to the promotion of cultural heritage.

Slavisa Stojkovic, ZNANJE NA POKLON Happy TV – The young leaders of the agricultural journalism.

Goran Djakovic, Agroriznis magazin – Contribution to the development of the print media and education in the field of agriculture.

Predrag Filipov, RAF PRODUCTION – Cameraman of the Year.

Mihail Bercek, TOP SRBIJA – Best Photography.

Marija Djeklic – The reporter of the Year.

All winners expressed their gratitude for the award and noted that they were pleased to receive this recognition from their colleagues, because the prize still has great significance and motivation to further work for the improvement of agriculture in Serbia.

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