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A Message from President Lena Johansson

Autumn has come to my part of the world, and though the weather is unusually mild it’s not as warm as it was when I visited our colleagues in India recently.

India was warm in several aspects. Our Indian colleagues gave me, Lindi Botha from South Africa, and Elida Thiery from Argentina, who joined me on the trip, a very warm welcome and took really good care of us.

It’s so interesting to visit colleagues in other countries and realize that even if our everyday life and our circumstances are different, we still have a lot in common. We all have deadlines, a devotion to our readers, viewers, and listeners and occasionally suffer from writer’s block. And we share our fascination for agriculture, whether it’s dairy, cultivation or forestry.

That’s what makes the global network in IFAJ so valuable. You meet colleagues and people who never get tired of speaking about cows, pigs, and fertilizers—and how crucial agriculture is—even in a high-tech society.

Besides my daily work as political editor in chief and my assignment in IFAJ I am also engaged in an educational project. I am something called “language pal” to a foreign journalist who has immigrated to Sweden and seeks a job in media here. Last year I supported a young woman from Brazil who eventually got a job at a regional TV station. My task was to meet and speak Swedish with her frequently. She also taught me a lot; we became friends and though the project is over we still meet sometimes.

This year I have got a new language pal, an agriculture journalist from Burkina Faso. We had actually met a couple of times already, thanks to our mutual friend Inoussa Maiga, who I got to know through IFAJ. The world is in a way small, but if you take advantage of the opportunity to network it makes your horizons and your preferences wider.

So, with so many friends and contacts around the globe I feel richer. Rich in knowledge, experiences, and friendship.

Lena Johansson


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