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National award for IFAJ chief judge

Member of the Nykredit board, former vice president in the Danish Farmers Union, Hans Bang Hansen (left) handed over the award to Henning Otte Hansen.

The chairman of the judging panel for the IFAJ-Yara Award for Sustainable Agriculture Reporting has himself won a major award in Denmark.

PhD and Senior Advisor from University of Copenhagen, Henning Otte Hansen, received the Nykredit Award and 50.000 DKK (6.700 Euros) at the annual Economic Congress held in December 2011 by the The Danish Farmers Union Advisory Department. Nykredit is a major Danish Credit Institution giving loan to farmers as well as other business’s and private families.

The award was in recognition of Otte Hansen’s excellence in analysing the agricultural and feed company sectors – and his ability to present scientific research results in a way that farmers, consumers and politicians can understand. It was also noted that Henning Otte Hansen is active in public debate. He has published 9 books and more than 350 articles – and he is the man behind a virtual museum giving ideas about world wide development till 2025 concerning 1) production of food to a still growing world population, 2) production of biomasses for energy purposes and 3) new technologies, for example biotechnology.

In 2011 Henning Otte Hansen accepted a three year assignment to be the chief judge for IFAJ concerning the new Yara Award.

The IFAJ-Yara Award for Sustainable Agriculture Reporting is open to articles, Internet productions or radio/TV broadcasts on the broad themes of hunger, feeding the world sustainably and meeting the challenge of providing nutrition to a growing world population. This award provides a unique professional development opportunity for all IFAJ members to participate in a broad-based contest that is relevant to current global issues – the goal of higher food production with a lower carbon footprint. It is open to all members; guilds are not required to put forward a candidate.

Theme for 2012: Fuel or food…or both? 

This year’s competition asks contestants to enter stories that describe the challenges and solutions for the agri-food sector balancing its traditional role of feeding people and producing livestock feed, while simultaneously trying to take advantage of new industrial opportunities such as growing crops for environmentally friendly biofuels.

Entries must be received by July 1, 2012

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