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More on offer to agricultural communicators this year

More than 50’000 euro will be on offer in IFAJ awards and professional development programmes to agricultural communicators around the world this year.

Sponsors DeLaval, John Deere, and Alltech are all increasing their commitments to agricultural journalism through IFAJ. Yara joins as sponsor of a valuable new award for reporting on sustainable agriculture. And Pioneer Hi-Bred joins as sponsor of the annual congress master class  for journalists from developing countries, which is co-ordinated by Agriterra. Following IFAJ business meetings at Green Week in Berlin, the line-up of IFAJ awards which agricultural communicators around the world can now apply for is:

IFAJ DeLaval Star Award for Agricultural Photography, IFAJ John Deere Award for Agricultural Journalism,   IFAJ Star Prize for Broadcast Journalism,  IFAJ Yara award for Reporting on Sustainable agriculture, IFAJ Alltech Young Leaders award, and the IFAJ Pioneer Hi-Bred Master Class.
Meanwhile, IFAJ is asking  members in agricultural journalism guilds around the world to come up with a slogan as part of the shaping of  its organisational strategy to 2020. The federation’s executives are going back to their 30 national guilds seeking ideas for vision, mission and goals, to build on IFAJ’s ,  international contacts, annual congresses, awards, professional development, and high reputation, going forward. Strategy plans will be announced at the IFAJ congress in Canada in September, along with a catchy new slogan. Detailed news of IFAJ’s business at International Green Week in Berlin will follow here on the website and in the newsletter.

By: Stephen Cadogan

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