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Time is short— Register for the IFAJ Congress in Scotland today

By Adrian Bell, UK

The UK guild has had terrific results with registration, interest and enthusiasm for this year’s Congress, Innovations from a Small Island. We filled nearly half the available places in the first 24 hours, and the pre-Congress tour – based at London’s historic Farmers Club – was over sold within 36 hours.

But it’s the main Congress event, centered on Aberdeen, in Scotland’s productive and beautiful north-east, that still has room for delegates– we can still accommodate up to 50 more registrations.

Coming to Scotland will open delegates’ eyes not only to the beauty of the Scottish landscape, but also to the varied nature of Scottish agriculture: its enterprises, interdependencies and how it’s fully entwined, economically and socially, with Scottish life and pride. And of course, participants will also enjoy all the usual benefits of Congress – professional development, international networking, and sampling the host country’s finest, most classic food and drink.

What’s really going to attract delegates is the five main Innovation Themes. Each theme hinges on a day-long tour which examines, in more depth, a particular aspect of Scottish or British agriculture. There are common themes to all the stops, as many of the host farmers, despite the innovative practices that set them apart in their theme areas, are experts in other themes too. Beef, malting barley, potatoes – all are common to this part of Scotland, so delegates need not fear that by choosing one tour over another, they won’t get to see aspects of their favorite, or specialty subjects. What’s more, Scottish beef will be universally on the lunch menu.

With this in mind, it’s worth delegates considering (and perhaps even re-considering) their choice of tours. For example, whisky distilleries won’t be limited to the Arable & Whisky option; by selecting the Highlights of the Highlands tour, with its visit to Glenlivet – a classic Scottish estate – you’ll effectively see Scotland in a nutshell, understanding how the rural economy is the backbone of the wider economy in this region and ending off the day with a tour of the internationally-renowned distillery. It’s proudly known as the Single Malt that started it all; after 190 years in production, you don’t get any more authentic than this.

Registration is simple, secure and efficient—and due to great early registration response there are no early-bird places left to offer, but the budget option is still available. Colleagues traveling from further afield may want to consider this option. This provides delegates the same diverse, action-packed Congress itinerary, across four full days, but without the costs associated with staying in the main Congress hotel. Instead, we’ve asked the Scottish Rural College (SRUC) for access to their student accommodation. Clean, modern and with full ensuite facilities, delegates are just five minutes away from the main Congress hotel – so there’s no worry about missing out on the action, or not being able to relax in the bar with other delegates after a long day out. Budget places are just £695.

International registrations will close shortly, after which we will open day packages to our own British guild members. So with the countdown timer now into double-digits, now is the time for international delegates who have been weighing up the pros and cons of coming to Britain’s sixth IFAJ World Congress to make up their minds before they miss out.

Questions and queries are, of course, what the organizing committee is here for. Don’t just ask us questions about what’s happening on Congress; we’ll try to answer questions about what you can do before and after Congress (including the post-Congress tour, where you’ll visit Prince Charles’ pioneering organic farm), and – through our British members – we can help you find contacts and hosts to help you pursue other avenues of interest while you’re in Britain. So anything you want to know, whether you’ve already booked or whether you’re still making up your minds…just fire us an e-mail.

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