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Reflections on IFAJ Congress 2014

By Mark Moore, Germany

Mark Moore of Germany recently attended the IFAJ Congress in Scotland. He said the Congress was really great this year. He was reflecting about the experience on the plane trip home and shared the following reflection via social media about the Congress.

The IFAJ 2014 glass, one of which was given to each delegate
The IFAJ 2014 glass, one of which was given to each delegate

“Take a look at this glass. What do you see?”

It’s a souvenir of the 2014 IFAJ Congress that cradled more than a few drams of Scotch whisky. It has secured a safe place in my office to remind me of my wonderful adventure in Scotland.

A simple glass. But it’s not empty.

It’s overflowing with friends…old and new.

It’s brimming with ideas, information and images gathered while traversing the Scottish countryside.

It glows with the strength and energy of 212 colleagues from 37 countries who share a similar passion.

It emits an aroma that reminds me of the adventures I shared.

It drips with the sweat of the organizers, sponsors, tour guides, farmers…every single person who worked to make this event so successful.

This single glass is a memento of the toasts I shared with friends from all over the world, and a toast for a special friend who is no longer with us.

Look again. It’s far from empty.”

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