2012 Master Class Experiences

By Jean de Dieu (John) Ininahazwe, CAPAD/Burundi

I have been a Communicator/Journalist since 2008. I am an Editor of two Newsletters (The Farmer and the Rural Voice) in 3 languages (Kirundi, French and English). I have been privileged to attend both 2012 Master Class and 2012 IFAJ Congress.

The Master Class and the 2012 IFAJ Congress in Sweden were a platform in which we can share our experiences, views, news and cultures. There is no any other way to describe it.

Meeting people fascinates me. I acquired tremendous experiences during the Master Class days. I experienced a quiz on food with a Boot Camp attendee from Australia, Nikolai Beilharz. Our group did not win but as far as I am concerned I learned more about food that evening. 

The topic on ethics in journalism was so special to me. As a communicator/journalist I have now to respect the three interests: the publisher, the reader and the advertiser. I aim to become a more skilled communicator/journalist that can generate an interest within my readers. I believe the freedom of the press is fundamental for us as a society enjoy. This program fitted me well.

Social Medias are not so popular and used in my country due to the low access to internet but looking ahead on how Sweden succeeded, I am convinced they may work out for young farmers in Burundi. 

What I remember most was the experience of setting up a blog and a twitter account and I have been dreaming doing so. The 2012 Master Class gave me the opportunity to learn all this. Let be sincere. It was my first ever time to blog and to twitter, tremendous experience ever!!! While twittering Master Class news using #IFAJ2012 it was fascinating and now should I call it a passion.

Nobody is happier than I am. During the Master Class I got a job. Now, I am a Correspondent of Farm weekly Radio based in Canada with an Africa Office in Burkina Faso. The Head of the Africa Bureau was my roommate and now he is my boss! It was a huge, huge opportunity!!! 

I am currently planning to establish a national guild. In my country, more journalists are interested in political issues. Thanks to experiences acquired in the Master Class, I have the materials no matter what it takes. I and other African journalists who attended the Master Class have a brilliant idea to establish an African Network of Agricultural Journalists. To achieve this, we have first to create national guilds respectively. 

Having participated in the Master Class and the 2012 IFAJ Congress was a tremendous experience like never before. 

My special thanks go to Agriterra who made my attendance possible. It is thanks to Agriterra I acquired these experiences in Sweden. 

Jean de Dieu (John) Ininahazwe


Freelance in Agr. Journalism/ Translator-Interpreter


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