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2012 IFAJ Master Class

Ten agricultural journalists will participate in the third Annual IFAJ Master Class prior to our 2012 IFAJ Congress. The Master Class will start on Sunday, August 12, with a ‘Getting Familiar Evening’ followed by peer-to-peer workshops on Monday and Tuesday. The agricultural journalists represent nine countries.

They are:
Burkina Faso  
Inoussa Maiga
Burundi         Jean de Dieu (John) Ininahazwe
Congo           Roger Vutsoro
Gambia         Sang Mendy
Rwanda        Cryspin Kayitare
Tanzania       Enos Masanja Matonange and Susuma Msikula Susuma
Zambia         Calvin Kakoma Kaleyi
Brazil            Analice Lourenci
Ecuador        Nelly Romero Jara

Workshops are given by IFAJ member journalists, making it a true peer-to-peer teaching and learning experience. Subject matters covered include interviewing skills, new media, as well as trends in agricultural journalism and ethics.
Most attending journalists are closely affiliated with organizations of smallholders and family farmers in their native countries.
José van Gelder of Agriterra, the agricultural development agency based in the Netherlands, is in charge of organizing the event.

The first day of the Master Class is combined with the first day of the Young Leaders Boot Camp.
Starting August 12, the experiences of the journalists can be followed on a special blog that the participants will build for this purpose.
And of course, through the tweets, also shown at

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