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IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders Award deadline set


The time is approaching to nominate your guild’s top young leader for the IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Award. The award, now in its tenth year, recognizes the leadership potential of young members from countries belonging to IFAJ, and supports their participation at an IFAJ congress.

Candidates must be nominated by their guilds. More information and the application form is here. IFAJ secretary general Riitta Mustonen of Finland has announced March 2 is the deadline for guilds to nominate a young leader for this award.

“This is a great opportunity for young journalists to get a global overview to their profession, build a worldwide network of colleagues, learn how food is produced in other countries and what are the key issues in agriculture all over the globe,” she says.

Mustonen emphasizes this award is about leadership potential, which distinguishes it from the various other awards IFAJ offers annually.

“Leadership means that you have been or want to be a leader in your guild or in your media or in some other association,” se says. “Maybe you have interest in international relationships or you want to learn how to develop journalism or education in you guild.”

Candidates must be 35 years of age or younger.

This award includes participating in a unique boot camp that provides expert training and feedback through on-site writing or broadcasting. It further develops young leaders’ skills through formal in-class training.

Leadership potential is the key. IFAJ member countries are constantly looking to nurture future leaders, an effort that was taken up by the federation executive more than a dozen years ago. The young leaders’ program was created as a result, in conjunction with Alltech, a company that emphasizes leadership, youth development and training among its own employees.

“Each year we get the chance to support 10 young journalists from around the globe as they strengthen their skill set and grow in the field of agricultural journalism,” says Ann Hess, North America field PR manager. “We are looking forward to our tenth year of partnership with IFAJ, to encouraging 10 more journalists in their professional development and to contributing to the global advancement of agriculture’s story.”

The IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Award was created by IFAJ vice-president Owen Roberts and former Alltech North America marketing manager Billy Frey, with support from Alltech founder Dr. Pearce Lyons. Additional stimulus and input was provided by IFAJ member Branko Vrabec of Slovenia. More than 90 young journalists have benefitted from the program since its inception.

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