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Videos Help Tell IFAJ Story

By Greg Lamp. 
Often, AAEA members ask me about IFAJ and what I get out of being a member. For me, it’s simple. I get an automatic network of journalists from around the world who do the same things I do every day. It gives me the ability to contact them about ag issues, world events and maybe even use them as freelance sources. But best of all, it makes me feel more worldly that I have international peers and friends in places like Argentina, Japan and Ukraine.

At the recent IFAJ congress in Ontario, Canada, I interviewed several IFAJ members and posed the same question: What do you get out of IFAJ? I also followed up by asking each of them what the major ag issues were that they were now covering in their country. To see and hear what they had to say, click here. They are posted on the new AAEA100 YouTube channel.

By: By Greg Lamp

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