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A different approach to IFAJ communications

IFAJ is trying a different approach to its communications. New efforts are being made to better use the IFAJ website. Starting this week, news articles will be published much more regularly on the website. Each article will be preceded by an e-alert to all website news subscribers announcing that a new story has been published on the website …

foto_ifajFill in your email address and send in your subscription by clicking the ‘subscribe’ button. Alternatively, if you want the e-alert to be sent to another person in your association or sent directly to the members, please supply the relevant email addresses to IFAJ global assistant Anne Kluivers at globalassistant[at]

It is hoped that this approach will make IFAJ news available to readers in a much more timely fashion than our previous and long-standing news vehicle, the newsletter. It should also prompt increased use of the IFAJ website, which will depend in part on the relevance and quality of articles submitted by executive committee members.

Should you have news stories or any submission for the website, please send them to IFAJ news editor Karlie Elliott Bowman, at k.elliott.bowman[at]

In the interests of timeliness and minimizing costs, news articles posted on the website will not be translated into additional languages. Instead, readers will be directed to use google translation or similar services to translate any article into the language of their choice.

This new approach to news on the IFAJ website follows discussion among the communication sub-committee and the executive committee in Berlin in January.

It is being launched on a trial basis, and will be reviewed in September, when the communication sub-committee and the executive committee meet during the annual congress in Scotland.

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