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Exposure-4-Development Media Tour Coming Up Soon

For the third time Agriterra and IFAJ are organizing the E-4-D tour to an emerging market. The tour aims to enable journalists to take a look beyond the images of hunger and poverty in Africa and to explore a vibrant continent full of initiatives and business opportunities to boost agricultural production and economic development.

masaai_koeThis year’s tour – during the second week of November – will go to the North of Tanzania, the area of the famous mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa. The 16 participating IFAJ journalists will visit many farmers, a dairy cooperative, the national AI center, a Dutch seed company that improves seeds for the local market, meet farm journalists colleagues, visit the farmers’ organization, go to a cattle market, meet Masai and visit their snakebite clinic, go to a cooperative bank, have a bush hike through banana fields, drink banana beer, learn about zero tillage in Africa, meet farm women at their dairy coop, see how coffee is produced, and much more!

All these experiences will result in many articles across Europe, Canada and South Africa. We will make sure to share these articles with you through the IFAJ website.

By Josephine van Gelder,
IFAJ Global Manager and organizer of the tour on behalf of Agriterra

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