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Joint project for Danes and Gambians

By Per Henrik Hansen, Denmark

The Danish organization CISU has decided to support a joint project for the Danish guild of IFAJ and Networks of Agricultural Communicators (NAC) in West African country The Gambia.

CISU will support us with 151.000 Danish kroner (around 20.000 Euro) for a three stage rocket which will be launched the first months of 2014.

At stage one two Danish and two Gambian agri-journalists will go for a common research trip into the provinces of The Gambia, to examine the needs for journalism among the farmers and to learn to which extend community radio stations are doing programs for the farmers .

Stage two is a conference about agri-journalism in The Gambia and how it can be improved. This will take place in the capital Banjul immediately after the research trip.

At stage three the board of NAC will draw up a strategy for developing agri-journalism in the country and for strengthening the organization.

CISU administers money that the government wants to spend at NGO activities in the third world. So in the end the money comes from the Danish tax payers.

Members of NAC and the Danish guild of IFAJ have done a hard work in writing a good application for the 20.000 Euro and we are happy we succeeded and we now will get the money. Without this funding it should have been impossible to run the project.

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