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Research asks how IFAJ members mobilize knowledge for farmers

The IFAJ, in collaboration with Texas Tech University’s Department of Agricultural Education and Communications, is starting a first-of-its-kind research study. Its aim is to explore the roles of IFAJ members in exchanging agricultural knowledge with producers, a term called “mobilizing” knowledge.

The research, which is being conducted through a global survey, hopes to shed light on the existing best practices IFAJ members have used to share information to their audiences. The findings will allow members to learn from their global colleagues’ successes, and help better serve readers, listeners and viewers.

The researchers are taking exceptional care to protect the privacy of respondents. No names, ages or employers’ names will be asked during the questionnaire. 

Completing the questionnaire should not take longer than 30 minutes. This study has been approved by Texas Tech’s Human Research Protection Program to ensure that the research at no time will risk your personal information or responses. For more information about these protections visit

The study’s success depends on participation from members, so please check your email for a link to the questionnaire.

IFAJ leaders of the study are Drs. Masaru Yamada of Japan and IFAJ vice-president Owen Roberts of Canada.

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