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Call for applicants – extended deadline August 15

IFAJ is an open platform for agricultural journalists and agricultural communicators. It supports free, fair and independent agricultural journalism worldwide, through networking and professional development.

To support Strategy 2020, a global outreach program endorsed by the federation’s executive and delegates, and to efficiently help administer its expanding day-to-day affairs, IFAJ has created two part time positions. One replaces the existing Executive Secretary and the other is a new position.

1. General Manager

(Executive Secretary and internet network facilitator)

The general manager maintains contact with executive members, guild secretaries and the presidium. The general manager’s home base is considered the official, central contact point for IFAJ, for incoming and outgoing correspondence. The general manager supports all members of the presidium; archives and maintains IFAJ official documents (such as brochures, medals, diplomas, public relations material); manages the IFAJ website in cooperation with the webmaster, the communications committee chair and the presidium member in charge of communications (vice-president) and contributes news content for the website.

The general manager will help facilitate the new IFAJ Internet network and social media in cooperation with the global coordinator. This includes organizing and promoting the platform, participating in the platform (launching discussions, answering administrative questions, involving others for contributions), overseeing content and helping maintain professional standards.

The general manager manages production and distribution of official IFAJ information such as IFAJ News and website updates.

The following are other duties:


  • Organize regular IFAJ business meetings (prepare agendas, reports, etc.).
  • Serve as a liaison for IFAJ congresses and Green Week meetings.


  • Update contact lists of the Presidium, executives and other guild chairs and secretaries of member organizations, related organizations and sponsors.
  • Creates global member database.


  • Process press cards requests.
  • Other services as required.

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Assist with marketing IFAJ to other journalistic organizations, potential sponsors and new member countries.
  • Prepare IFAJ marketing and public relations materials.

Web network

  •  Stimulates participation on the platform (launching discussion, answering questions, involving others for contribution.
  • Overseeing content and maintaining professional standards.


This position is expected to require two days of work per week.
Salary is to be determined.
Start: Summer 2013
Language: Fluency in English and one other IFAJ official language would be an asset.
Accountable to the president.

2.    Global Coordinator

(Coordinator strategy 2020, treasurer and guild support)

The global coordinator reports to the presidium and works to create liaisons and manage partner programs between IFAJ and agricultural journalists worldwide. The global coordinator works with the general manager to help implement Strategy 2020, coordinating new outreach projects, guild liaison and guild support, and develops programs described in Strategy 2020, giving input and direction to IFAJ committees which are implementing Strategy 2020.

Guild support

  • Determine where guild support is required
  • Network with membership and outreach committee


  • Provide strategic support for the treasurer and the sponsorship committee (letters, communications, sponsor proposals) for the increasing need to fundraise and manage money.


This position is expected to require one day of work per week.
Salary is to be determined.
Start: Summer 2013
Language: Fluency in English and one other IFAJ official language would be an asset

Please send letters of intent before August 15, 2013
to Markus Rediger, President of IFAJ
E-Mail: markus.rediger(at)


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