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Take part in Kenya tour

By Communications co-chair Stephen Cadogan.

Farmer-led initiatives to boost agricultural production and economic development in Kenya will be reported worldwide this coming November by 15 journalists hosted by IFAJ and Agriterra.

In the Exposure-4-Development Kenya media tour, journalists will be encouraged to look beyond Africa’s images of hunger and poverty, to explore a vibrant continent where efforts to improve the economic position of farmers are helping in the fight against poverty.

The six-day tour is inspired by the UN International Year of Cooperatives, and the focus will be on the difference that agricultural cooperatives can make in developing countries.

Once participants take care of their own travel expenses to Nairobi, capital city of Kenya, all excursions, hotels, meals, and transport costs will be covered within Kenya, thanks to generous sponsorship of the tour.

Journalists who are paid-up members of IFAJ member guilds have to apply to  their national guild for a place on the Kenya tour. The guilds determine the deadline for applications.

Each guild can submit up to three applicants to IFAJ.

A special IFAJ committee will select eventual participants, using criteria such as readership of reports from the tour. Participants will be notified in early July.

The tour will include: dairy cooperatives and dairy farmers milk processing companies and a semen/AI station rose growers serving the export market vegetable and fruit small holders and cooperative processors visits to tobacco plants and processors local markets.

Tour sponsors are Interpolis, Grain Farmers of Ontario, AgCo, Vion Food group, British American Tobacco, and Agriterra.

For more details of the Exposure-4-Development Kenya media tour, click on the Professional Development section.

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