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E4D trip to China a big success

by Liza Karlsson

China is a vast and very interesting country. Eleven journalists from ten countries around the world experienced that during eight days in the Beijing, Changzhou and Shanghai areas in late September 2016. We met farmers, farm workers, coop members and staff from distributors and companies like AGCO (sponsor of the whole tour) and DeLaval.

We got an insight of how China, a land of possibilities, not only progresses in using technology. Even though many farms still are small and family driven, China is taking big leaps in the use of technology, IT and management tools. In many ways of development they are behind the countries in North America and in Europe, but at the same time they are catching up and are ahead of us. We visited a variety of operations, from dairy farms to agricultural mechanization cooperatives, we met industrial leaders as well as a local vegetable farmers. We also had the time to explore the Chinese Great Wall and visited the Forbidden City.

Joining an E4D tour gives you a really unique opportunity to explore and learn about a nation, its people, food production and agricultural challenges and opportunities. At the same time you get to know agricultural journalists from other countries – this year Austria, Australia, USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Finland, UK and Sweden were represented. You get new knowledge, new friends and you get a lot of new stories to write when you get back home. In many ways, it is a life changing experience. 

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