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Defining Sustainable Agriculture

How do you define sustainable agriculture in your country? The German Congress organizers want to know.

A message from the German Congress Organizers

Dear Colleagues,

The theme of the IFAJ Congress in 2016 was “Sustainable agriculture – made in Gemany”. In the discussions during the congress it became clear very quickly that there are very different positions and definitions on this subject, some of which even contradict each other.

Following the congress we would like your support in creating an international portrait of the event and its theme.

Can you please help by answering the questions below? Maximum of 1,000 characters (including spaces) for all answers would be sufficient. Ideal deadline: September 15th. Please email your responses to krick(at)

1. Is there an “official” definition of sustainability in agriculture in your country?

2. Is agricultural sustainability associated with a particular kind of farming? (Cooperative, family, size, ecological, conventional etc.)

3. Are there measurement criteria for sustainability?

Thank you for your efforts in advance,

Friederike Krick (chief editor of member magazine VDAJ) and Rainer Winter (German Agricultural Society and member of VDAJ)

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