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Gold medals for the congress organizers by Markus Rediger

About 150 journalists from all over the world came to Ostende, Belgium, to take part in the 2010 IFAJ congress under the theme, “Between passion and pressure.” Despite travel disruptions from volcanic ash, the Belgian congress organizers worked hard to ensure that the Congress was a truly memorable experience for attendees.

Adrian Krebs, President the Swiss guild of agricultural journalists, said at the conclusion of the Congress: “Although some of registered participants could not come or arrived with massive delays, the event succeeded very well.” Mike Wilson, IFAJ President, was happy with the congress, stressing that in the future both the global agricultural sector and the journalists who cover the industry will play more important roles as world population grows to 9 billion by year 2050.

“This congress was the highlight of the year for IFAJ,” said Markus Rediger, IFAJ Vice president, in his final speech on Ostende. Before presenting the gold medals to the organizers he emphasized: “We want to pay tribute to the Belgian Association of Agricultural Journalists for organizing this great meeting. We acknowledge the hard work of your committee, and thank our friends Jef and Jacques for inviting us to Ostende.” 

Rediger stressed that the heart and soul of any organization are its members, and Belgium, from the beginning, has shown leadership to the world of Journalism and Agriculture.

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