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Announcement in the annual cocktail of the CAPA

Argentina will be host, for the first time in history, of the Worldwide Congress of Agricultural Journalists. With the presence of the National Agricultural Minister, Julian Domínguez, and all his cabinet, the Agrarian journalist argentine circle (CAPA) announced that for the first time in history, Argentina will be host of the World-wide Congress of Agricultural Journalists in 2013.

More than half a thousand people assisted to the act celebrated by CAPA at the Buenos Aires Board of Trade. Minister Domínguez and his secretaries Carla Campos Bilbao, Lorenzo Basso and Andrea García shared the act of the agricultural journalists. The leaders of the major farmers associations attend the act: Mr. Eduardo Buzzi (Argentine Agrarian Federation-FAA-), Mr. Hugo Luis Biolcati (Argentine Agricultural Society –SRA-), Mr. Carlos Garetto (Argentine Inter-Cooperative Agricultural Confederation –Coninagro-), and Mr. Ricardo Buryaile (Argentine Agricultural Confederations -CRA-), recently elected as national deputy. Representatives of the whole agribusiness value chain were present as well (consignatary houses, brokers, feed lots, millers, slaughter houses, etc).

Mr. Carlos Curci Gonzalez, president of CAPA, announced one of the major achievements of the organization: during the last annual meeting of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ), the Argentine Circle of Agrarian Journalists was designated to organize in 2013 the IFAJ annual congress. The IFAJ is a non-political professional association for agricultural journalists with presence in 29 countries; this organization supports and encourages the practice of agricultural journalism in countries embracing freedom of the press. In addition, Curci Gonzalez said, ‘we are working in a plan of 3 years, through which we’ll make a Congresses to first level’.

It will be the first that the Federation visits Argentina and South America, with its hundreds of journalists specialized in agriculture of the most diverse latitudes. It will be a great opportunity to show to the world the potential of the argentine productive sector. 

The IFAJ was founded in 1956 in Paris by representatives of 16 European countries. Today gathers professionals of the agribusiness communication from nearly thirty countries. The CAPA was associated in 2006, and by it Argentina became the first country in South America to join the Federation.

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